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Planetary News February 2018 from Komilla Sutton

Saturn Ketu Dominate

We continue to face the dominance of Saturn and Ketu. Sun, Venus, Mercury are all in Capricorn and then Aquarius. Ketu remains in Capricorn - Sun Venus and Mercury have conjoined Ketu and the solar eclipse is with Ketu. Saturn in gandanta was in 2017, Kal Sarpa is over, yet their consequences are being felt in February so we must all remain alert that our thoughts are not leading us to feel more unstable, being cautious is the best option – less is more.

Key Dates in February

  • All month - Venus remains in Aquarius, Mars in Scorpio
  • 3 Feb – Sun Ketu conjunction
  • 10 Feb – Mercury Ketu Conjunction
  • 12 Feb – Sun moves into Aquarius
  • 14 Feb – Mercury in Aquarius
  • 15 Feb – practical solar eclipse in Aquarius
  • 16 Feb – Sun Mercury conjunction

Saturn’s Quiet Dominance

Although Saturn is not making any dramatic conjunctions or transits, its influence is very powerful till middle of Mars as Sun, Mercury, Venus and Ketu all transit his signs. The partial solar eclipse is also in Aquarius. Saturn remains in Sagittarius and in Mula nakshatra which is ruled by Ketu. Ketu is in Capricorn ruled by Saturn. The quiet influence from Sagittarius of Saturn is reminding us to follow strict codes of law and remain cautious and careful. Saturn often inflates situations so that we make a mistake by believing a bigger reality than what actually is – it allows us to make mistakes so that we then we have to deal with the consequences of our actions. We can still deal with the consequences of 2017 gandanta transits of Saturn.

Be realistic, shortcuts are not the answer, slow and steady wins the race are all messages of Saturn.

Ketu Disrupts

Ketu has been giving influencing all planets. It is also the nakshatra ruler of Saturn. Ketu is about spiritualization, he will mostly be troublesome on the material level. Since end of January to 15 Feb, Ketu is casting a deep influence. Venus, Sun and Mercury all conjoined Ketu – these conjunctions coming after the destabilizing Kal Sarpa Yoga since October 2017 and Saturn Gandanta all last year. Although Kal Sarpa is at an end, Saturn gandanta is over – influence remains.

The partial solar eclipse on 15 February is in Aquarius, which Ketu is in Capricorn. Both signs rule by Saturn. The reason we have a partial eclipse and not a full one is due to the distance between Sun and Ketu at the time of the new Moon. I feel the influence remains strong as we are coming off the Kal Sarpa and the intense lunar eclipse. Our energies are depleted due to the earlier transits, the Ketu conjunctions and it makes us more sensitive to the transitions. The eclipse is in Dhanishta nakshatra. Dhanishta means the wealthy one. The eclipse is certainly creating panic with the stock market volatility regarding our wealth. Ketu is just reminding us that personal wealth is not the material one but more the spiritual one which cannot be taken away by the volatility of the planets or the world events. And during this time of Saturn and Ketu dominance with need to cultivate our dharmic wealth.

One good aspect of the Ketu eclipses is that they clear out the energies, so we will feel more refreshed and clearer after 15 February.

Mars in Scorpio – Powerful

Mars remains in Scorpio all month and brings strength and confidence to deal with life. However its strength is not good for all signs, it can promote overconfidence and impulsiveness for some. Gemini and Virgo need to remain cautious.

Mars in Scorpio creates Ruchaka Mahapurusha Yoga for Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius – they will enjoy success and good luck. It is also good for Aries, Cancer, Leo and Pisces. While Aries enjoy its strength they need to be aware that is is transiting in their 8th house and can bring unexpected transformations for them too.

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