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Planetary News February 2017 from Komilla Sutton

Jupiter, Exalted Venus and Saturn in Sagittarius Mula

Venus is exalted and opposes Jupiter which can be important in bringing some sense into the chaos Saturn gandanta has generated.

Jupiter is an important planet now as it rules Saturn in Sagittarius and Venus in Pisces, it aspects Saturn and Venus by Rashi drishti. We could say that Jupiter and wisdom has power to calm the negativity of Saturn and supports the sattvic purity of Venus. Jupiter represents dharma and right behaviour – all of us have to put dharma above our person agendas in order to move through these troubled times. Jupiter turns retrograde on 6th Feb and this is a day to watch – it can reverse decisions, stall trends and also retrograde planets can suppress or over-express. As Jupiter is such an important planet for the present planetary transits – this retrograde should be observed carefully and our decisions around it.

February also sees eclipses in Aquarius and Leo – creating a faceoff between those in power and those against it. Lunar Eclipse in on 10/11 Feb and Solar Eclipse in on 26 Feb. The energy around the eclipse is disturbed so take care.

2017 is complex year and those who understand these things will know that being careful is essential.

Long Exaltation of Venus

Venus has a lot of responsibility over the coming months as it will be exalted till end of May and throughout this time it has the aspect of Jupiter too. Its strength can be a balancing force to Saturn’s rocky ride. Venus is exalted in Pisces, the sign of idealism, purity and love for all. The ruler of Pisces is aspecting back its sign therefore offering further support to Venus.

Saturn in Mula and Debilitated in Navamsha

2017 is complex year and those who understand these things will know that being cautious is essential. Saturn remains in Mula for 8 months of the year, promises destruction of old - but does everything need to be destroyed. Mula means the root and Saturn wants to destroy the root of everything but if we destroy the root, we must have other move positive things to take its place or we generate chaos and uncertainity.

The first experience of Mula for Saturn is its Aries Navamsha in which Saturn dwells for most of 2017. In this navamsha Saturn does not heed caution and is keen to be indiscriminately destructive. Usually with Saturn we have to be aware of his hidden teachings – he truly wants us to be thoughtful and careful but he encourages us to be impulsive and thoughtless – the second type of actions makes you vulnerable to his powerful teachings that are never easy to deal with.

Capricorn and Aquarius will feel this transit most as their ruler Saturn is going through complex transits.

Be extra careful to allow your impulses to control you – and then you will cope well.

To Watch in March 2017

Venus retrograde.

Festivals in February 2017.


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