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Vedic Astrology Shodasha Varga, The Sixteen Divisional Charts Course Syllabus :: Schedule of Topics

MODULE ONE - Shodasa Varga, the Sixteen Divisional Charts Course

19 June to 4 September 2014
Thursdays Only - 7pm Pacific | 7pm GMT

June 19

What are the Shodasha Vargas. The 16 Vargas in Detail. Cycles of Vargas - conscious to subconscious planes to include, mental, past karma, spiritual, ancestral,  talents and deep rooted karmic issues

June 26 Vimpshopaka- planetary strengths in Vargas
July 3 Visheshika Amsha - the special amshas - both for Shodasha and Dasavarga
June 10 Important things to consider in each varga - Rashi Tulya and Bhava Suchaka.
July 17 Signatures within each varga. Cross Referencing between Rashi and  Varga charts - Analysing Lagna lord, atmakaraka, yogi planet, duplicate yogi,  avayogi , vargottama, amsha vargottama, bhava vargottama in all vargas
July 24 Hora- wealth, male female energies, Drekkana- courage, health, and brothers
July 31 Drekkana continues, 22 Drekkana, Drekkana role in health issues. Techniques of using drekkana
August 7 Chathurthamsha - search for Moksha and personal wealth
August 14 Saptamsha- varga for children
August 21 Navamsha chart - the most important varga chart
August 28 Navamsha continues
Sepltember 4 Navamsha continues

MODULE TWO - Medical Atrology Course

11 September to 27 November 2014
Thursdays Only - 7pm Pacific | 7pm GMT

September 11 Dasamsha- Career
September 18 Dwadashamsha- past lives and parents
September 25 Shodashamsha- transport and higher learning, 
October 2 Vimshamsha- worship
October 9 Siddhamsha-  higher learning and Siddhis [accomplishments
October 16 Bhamsa, Trimshamsha- inner strengths and talents and connections to panchamahabhuta.
October 23 Khavedamsha ,Akshavedamsha -  maternal and paternal lineage 
October 30  Shastiamsha- past karma and subconscious plane
November 6  Shastiamsha continues
November 13 Analysis -using all the vargas
November 20 Analysis -using all the vargas
November 27 Analysis - using all the vargas
All Classes will be recorded and available for download.


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