Prediction Techniques Course

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Prediction Techniques Foundation Course - Level Three
Next Course Begins on 21 March to 5 December 2018

Level Three Training

Level Three Training to be a Vedic Astrologer and augment personal development through this ancient knowledge.

Three Modules - 36 Lessons
Lessons are 1-1/2 Hours Each


The goal of this course is to train and increase the skill level of Counselors and teachers of Vedic Astrology in the techniques of prediction. This is the final step in overall study of Jyotish.


This is a level three course and will deal with prediction (Dashas, Ashtakavarga, Gochara, Varshaphal), Prashna, Muhurta Panchanga, Upaye, Ethics, Relationships, Upagraha, Aprakash Graha, Debilitated planets, how to set up a Vedic Astrology practice and Chart Interpretations using techniques learned and acquired in Level One and Level Two courses.

To take this course, knowledge of Vedic Astrology is essential, as advanced topics will be taught.

  • A homework assignment will be given at the end of each class.
  • All classes will be recorded and available to download.

Detailed SyllabusView a detailed syllabus and a schedule of what will be taught on which dates.

2018 Schedule

There are two times of day to choose from for each webinar - one that for the United States and one more suitable for the UK and Europe. Typically these are set at 7pm Pacific and 7pm GMT.

Detailed SyllabusView a detailed syllabus and a schedule of what will be taught on which dates.

Prediction Techniques Foundation Course - Level Three

*Optional Set of Manuals for Prediction Techniques Course

Download of Manuals available immediately upon purchase.

*Optional Set of 36 PowerPoint Presentations for Prediction Techniques Course
$108 (will be available for download after each class)

Included in the price for The Vedic Astrology Rules of Interpretation Course:

  • Tuition
  • Download of the Recordings after the class


Refund less $100 available until Febrauray 2018. No refund after 1 Febrauray 2018.

What Former Students Say...

First I appreciate the competence and generosity of Komilla. Being from India she master many aspects of Vedic Sciences in a wonderful way. We can feel the integration of the knowledge about Mantra Deity, and of course Jyotish. And the generosity is how she always want to give all the information that she can, answering question with the concern to bring  light in our being. The documentation and the course are very clear, complete and based on the classic text in Jyotish...
NM, Canada, 2014
I really appreciate the opportunity to have been part of the Jyotish Foundation Course. I found Komilla’s approach to this ancient sacred science most enlightening and fascinating. It helps me to better understand human life and its development not only from the perspective of one’s astrological constitutions but also via the a profound Vedic wisdom that has its root from time immemorial. Throughout the webinar course, Komilla sheds light on many life’s issues and the human condition which I found extremely helpful and consciousness expanding. Thank you Komilla for sharing you many sagely insights and wisdom with us.
NS, London, 2013
We are near completion of the Foundation Course 2013 in Vedic Astrology with Komilla Sutton, via Webinar. This has been an incredible journey of learning with a teacher who has the most extraordinary insight and interpretation of the complicated subject. She had lead us through the basic foundation of knowledge with such expertise and empathy, never lecturing, but making us all feel part of the journey. I started the Course whilst in India, and then relocated to the UK halfway through the Course. I moved Classes due the time change, but other than that it made no difference whatsoever, we picked up from where we`d left off one week to the next....
KH, India, London - UK, 2013
Komilla, thank you for the foundation course 2013. It is not only your deep knowledge, that I only can imagine. It becomes so wonderful throught your intuition and because it seems to be coming from your heart. Again, many many thanks! It is like a treasure for life...
FS, Germany, 2014

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