Foundation Course

Live Interactive Webinar

Vedic Astrology Foundation Course - Level One

Level One Training

19 March to 3 December 2018

Level One Training to be a Vedic Astrologer and augment personal development through this ancient knowledge.

Three Modules - 36 Lessons
Lessons are 1-1/2 Hours Each


The Foundation Course aims to train Counsellors and teachers of Vedic Astrology. This is the first and the most important step for becoming a Vedic Astrologer. Students will be able to study and analyze Jyotish Charts and have a deep understanding of the principles. This will give them a firm grasp in the essentials of Vedic Astrology. It will be followed by more advanced Rules of Interpretation and Prediction Courses.


Vedic Philosophy, Soul's journey and Karma, The overview of Vedic Astrology, The Navagraha, the nine planets, Rahu Ketu - the shadow planets of past life, Rashis, the signs of the Zodiac and the solar influence, Nakshatras, the lunar mandala, Navamsha and the Vargas, Planetary Yogas, Dasha system, a unique system to Vedic Astrology which relates to times of life and events, Transits- how planets travel through the sky, Panchanga, Remedial Measures and Chart Analysis.

  • A homework assignment will be given at the end of most classes.
  • All classes will be recorded and available to download.

Detailed SyllabusView a detailed syllabus and a schedule of what will be taught on which dates.

2018 Schedule

There are two times of day to choose from for each webinar - one that for the United States and one more suitable for the UK and Europe. Typically these are set at 7pm Pacific and 7pm GMT.

Detailed SyllabusView a detailed syllabus and a schedule of what will be taught on which dates.

Vedic Astrology Foundation Course - Level One

Optional Manual

Optional Set of 36 PowerPoint Presentations for Foundation Course
$108 (will be available for download after each class)

Included in the price for The Vedic Astrology Foundation Course:

  • Tuition
  • Download of the Recordings after the class


Refund less $100 available until February 2018. No refund after 1 February 2018.

What Former Students Say...

I will recently completed Komilla’s 3 year Vedic Astrology online webinar courses.Komilla's  spiritual and practical knowledge of astrology is profound.  Her lessons are very well organized and supported by audio and priceless manuals.It has been thrilling to learn and growing with fellow astrology students from across the globe...
MB, Canada, 2013
Komilla presents an engaging interactive course into jyotish astrology via web-in-air. Over a three year period using weekly classes you are taken step by step through a foundation course, rules of interpretation and prediction techniques which helps the student by using a systematic approach. A personal connection is made...
AH, Australia, 2014
I have taken Komilla’s webinar Levels I, II and III. One of the things I like about her classes is that she not only teaches Jyotish but also includes the wisdom of Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism) and how it relates to Jyotish. I feel this additional information helps me to really get a deeper and broader understanding of this ancient and very intense science...
RS, United States, 2013
I studied Techniques of Interpretation and Prediction course with Komilla. To expand my knowledge online courses are very helpful. Astrology is multifaceted and we need to know various techniques to interpret a chart. Komilla teaches these classes shedding clarity on a complex subject entertainingly. Highly recommended.
L.E.P., California, 2013

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